Spring Start Up

Your irrigation system doesn’t get a lot of use in the winter, so it’s a good idea to be sure it’s working properly before you need it when springtime rolls around. 

Our systematic spring start-up involves the following checks and actions:

  • Open system and pressure test for leaks. 
  • Check all valves and wiring connections. 
  • Check controller and program start times, run times , seasonal adjustments, batteries, and rain sensors.
  • Activate all zones via the controller and observe zone performance. 
  • Make adjustments and repairs as needed, looking for zone leaks and damage that may have occurred during the winter.
  • Spring is often a good time to discuss any changes to your irrigation system and/landscape you may be considering.

Pre-Winter Service

Protect your irrigation system and make sure it gets winterized before it’s too late. Freeze damage is costly and avoidable. We begin to book winterizing appointments in September and begin services in early October.