Assessments & Checkups

Whether you are new to irrigation or would like to improve or update your existing system, Island Smart can help you make sense of it all.

A properly designed irrigation system can address the different watering requirements of different plants as well as the micro-climates found within your landscape. Learn how to best program your controller to maximize the benefits of having a well maintained irrigation system.

We will perform a comprehensive and complete assessment of your irrigation system. This will include checking for correct operation of all valves; main shut off valve, backflow prevention valve, pressure regulating valve, blow out valve and all solenoid valves. We will assess the correct operation of your controller checking terminal wiring connections. Battery terminals and all field wiring connections. We will assess all irrigation zones for performance, repairs and improvements for items such as head location and type, nozzle type, barriers to performance and the ability of your system to adapt to changes in your landscape as well as a changing climate.

We can make adjustments, repairs, and recommendations during our visit as well as discuss future plans for your landscape.