Maintenance Packages

Keep your irrigation system operating at optimal level effortlessly with our dependable and worry-free service.

The first step in building long-term reliability of your watering system is properly maintaining it. We give busy property owners two package options to help you save time and money in the care and maintenance of your system. 

Smart Plan

Spring start-up and end of season winterizing.

Super Smart Plan

Spring start-up, midseason comprehensive check over, and winterizing of the system. Customers wishing to purchase this plan will receive a 5% discount. 

Start-up and mid-season checks include:

  • Testing each zone for possible leaks and proper operation 
  • Fine-tuning nozzles and/or replacing as needed 
  •  Cleaning heads, adjusting and/or replacing as needed 
  • Programming and adjusting controller for seasonal conditions 
  • Winterization visits shut-down your system to prepare and protect it for winter.

Our annual maintenance packages provide you with a year of irrigation peace of mind, along with priority scheduling.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule a consultation.