Maintenance Package Options

Choose the package that suits you.

Dependable and worry free service.

Maintenance Package Options

Keep your irrigation system operating at optimal level effortlessly with our dependable and worry-free service.
Start-up and mid-season checks include; 
• Testing each zone for possible leaks and proper operation 
• Fine-tuning nozzles and/or replacing as needed 
• Cleaning heads, adjusting and/or replacing as needed 
• Programming and adjusting controller for seasonal conditions 
Winterization visits shut-down your system to prepare and protect it for winter.
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*Standard pricing is for residential systems with a maximum of six zones.
Please contact us for commercial pricing.

Why Island Smart?

- Certified Irrigation Technicians
- Specialists in Water Conservation
- Specialists in cross-connection /backflow prevention testing

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    Spring Start-up:
    Service Includes: Turn on main ball valve, pressurize system, check backflow preventer for leaks. Run test on each zone to check for possible leaks, proper operation, and head adjustment. Check rain sensor. Program controller for seasonal conditions.

    You will receive an e-mail notifying you as to the day(s) we will be in your area and advising of your scheduled service date and time. Please ensure there is access to the controller . To meet the requirements of the City of Nanaimo regarding the DCVA (double check valve assembly) backflow prevention device, the DCVA can be tested as part of the spring start-up; if this is required, please indicate when setting up your Customer Agreement.

    Comprehensive Visit:
    Service includes: Test each zone to check for possible leaks, proper operation, and head adjustment. Check rain sensor. Program controller for seasonal conditions.

    Comprehensive visits are for inspecting your complete system, preforming minor fine-tuning adjustments for optimum efficiency and identifying any major problems that require repair.
    We will notify you of any significant issues and the cost to address them; work will only be undertaken with your approval. Access to the controller is needed for comprehensive visits; therefore they are scheduled by e-mail, usually 2 weeks in advance.

    Service includes: Turn off water at main ball valve, remove water from all pipes with compressed air. This service also includes turning off the controller and taking required steps to protect pumps from freezing (if required).

    Winterization visits are more heavily influenced by the weather, therefore they are not usually scheduled in advance. Visits occur Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
    Note: If you postpone your winterization service, Island Smart will not be liable for any freeze damage that may occur to the backflow prevention device.

    The visits above assume systems in standard working order and not in need of replacement parts or significant repair.
    Labour and parts required to address, repair or expand systems are additional costs and will be billed at your rate.

    Terms of Service:

      [Warranty Statement]
      Island Smart Irrigation Systems guarantees MATERIALS installed for a period of THREE YEARS from the date of installation. LABOUR to repair or replace the components of the sprinkler system is covered for a period of ONE year from installation. This warranty includes all system components installed by Island Smart Irrigation Systems, including the controller, valves, sprinkler heads, pipe and backflow prevention device. The warranty includes only defects in materials or workmanship and expressly excludes improper usage of the system, damage caused by freezing, fire, flooding, any other natural phenomena, or damage by any other cause. Any modification or repair of the system by any company or individual other than Island Smart Irrigation Systems voids this warranty. This warranty expressly excludes (a) the cost of testing the backflow device as required by the City of Nanaimo after the initial inspection at installation (b) clogging of system components due to debris in the water supply.

      Island Smart Irrigation Systems warrants for a period of ONE YEAR that all lawn or planter bed areas detailed or specified in the original proposal will be properly irrigated according to industry standards in effect at the time of installation. Irrigation adjustments necessitated by changes to beds or changes due to plant growth are not covered under warranty.

      Automate your irrigation system servicing. Ensure dependable, worry-free service provided on time, every year.

      Our Customer Agreement offers you the advantage of having your contracted irrigation services attended to automatically. This frees you from having to call and schedule the service(s) each spring and fall. Regular maintenance of your irrigation systems identifies problems before damage is done and excessive water wasted. Service agreement customers receive
      automatic service scheduling, preferential call-out scheduling and discounted call-out pricing.